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Hello all,

I am going to see the endo today and will speak to him about my HRT options. I tried androgel and I dont absorb it well. I also tried HCG and managed to bring my total t levels from 200 ng/dl to 700 ng/dl range using the 250 IU 3x week protocol.

I dont have my bloods in front of me but will post them later.

My concern is the long term effects of HCG therapy. Anyone take HCG only long term? What damage can I cause by using HCG?

Another side note, I did a clomid stimulation test and clomid alone brought my T levels up to 700 range as well. I have low LH, FSH and both clomid and HCG bring my T levels up. I just have to manage my E2 levels.

I dont know why my LH or FSH levels are low either. I never did gear or had head trauma that I am aware of. I had a CAT and MRI to check for tumors on the pituitary glad.

Any thoughts on my situation and recommendations?

Am I better off doing T-cyp 100mg a week with HCG and ameridex? (the injection protocol)

Thanks all!


Also wanted to add.

Older with kids so dont care about fertility anymore. 41 years old.

The low T was first diagnosed with I was around 31? I just dealt with the low T and never really tried to get it under control. Now I am starting to feel the effects of it, low energy, fat around the hips, moobs, always struggled with weight.


yes people take HCG long term. I have not read about or found any negative long term side effects.

If it is working for you and you don't have any symptoms or quality of life issues, then I wouldn't change it.

Just make sure to keep monitoring your T, E2, TSH, Cortisol, etc. levels to make sure that nothing gets completely out of whack.


I agree with the OP. If HCG alone raises T, why are we adding more? I tried HCG alone recently, and actually had an increase in libido over the combination. The only reason I stopped is because a package from India isn't here yet.

Anyone else trying this, please report back your results in case there's a detail that needs watching.


I just saw the endo, going to get bloods done again tomorrow then he will prescribe some depending on results of blood work.

I will probably do 250iu 3x a week for a month and redo blood work to make sure everything looks ok. Ill report results of my blood work when I get them.


make sure you check your major systems - Total T, E2, TSH, 8am Cortisol, D25-OH, etc.


He marked down the following

Metabolic Panel
Total T
T4 free

He forgot T free and didnt mark those other things you have 8am cortisol, d25-oh.

Oh well, will have to do for this first round.


just an fyi free T4 tells you extremely little by itself. It is most useful when you know its relationship to Free T3. It is like measuring how much sun light is available (FT4) vs how much sun is actually hitting your skin (FT3).


So I called my doc and asked if we could add total t and free t to the test and he said he didnt need it. I also asked about using Ameridex if my E2 levels get too high and he said no way he would prescribe it too many sides, any alternatives people use here that work well?

Anyways 6 vials of blood later, massive headache today.

Will hopefully get results soon. Thinking of looking for a new endo as well.


you should go see a new doc. before you do ask him what sides he's concerned with.