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HCG Only Restart

I am quitting TRT after 1.5 years - It never lifted my depression as my Dr claimed it would, the only benefit I will miss is the extra muscle mass.

My Dr has stated all I need to restart is one month of HCG at 250iu daily. I asked about nova or clomid, and he said its not needed.

My concern is that with normal - high testosterone from the HCG my hypothalamus and pituitary will still be suppressed. How long will they take to come online once I quit HCG and my T (and E2) start crashing?

Most stuff online suggest using clomid or nova after the HCG. However I have found a couple references that they only temporarily boost Testosterone levels and they aren’t needed.

I am wondering if after a month of HCG to get the testes up and running, if tapering off the HCG would allow my T levels to normalize and then the hypothalamus and pituitary to slowly start working.

HCG will probably get your balls going but won’t do anything else. Once you stop taking it you still won’t be producing any LH and thus they’ll go back to doing nothing, at least for a while.

Someone else can chime in with a real restart protocol that will hopefully get your pituitary going again. I’m not that familiar with the methods but I know clomid and other drugs like that come into play

From what I understand you will run HCG up to 400iu daily for 2 weeks, followed by either Clomid or Tamoxifen for a month. I believe some guys add Cialis to help with ED symptoms while restarting.

I’m sure others that were successful at restarting can give you a more exact protocol, but that’s going to be your basic outline. You might also get better answers in the pharma section as well.

You can probably get by just fine with none of the above. However, it’s faster and easier on you in many ways to use Nolvadex at 40/40/20/20/20 (That’s per day - for a week at each number) Clomid would be 50/25/25/25 or something similar. Stop the HCG by the day you start the Nolva or Clomid if you go that route, and wait three weeks from your last shot of test.