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HCG Only for Fertility, Do I Need Arimidex

Hey gang I’m new here
So I was on trt for a year and did 200mg of test e and arimidex 1/4mg every other day. I lost 50# and dropped my body fat by almost 10%. So I got off everything and got labs and got labs during this whole process. My test remained at 500 total and free around 63 after 4 weeks free of test. My wife and I are trying to have a kid now. So I got a sperm check and my numbers were a little low 14 million that was on 3 months of clomid after my test run. I’ve done constant research on trt over the year. So the doctor put me on hcg

This is my question he has me on 1500iu 3x a week for fertility reasons only guys not trt reasons.
Should I take adex with this I’m worried about E conversation. I still have a higher body fat % at about 18%. What are your thoughts I will be getting labs in 3 weeks to see. But right now I’m doing 1/2mg of adex e3d to play it safe

I’ve never seen the topic of whether or not should you use adex or a AI on a HCG only protocol

Clarification, yes the first doctor should of had me on hcg during my trt and I realized they didn’t know much
So after getting off trt I went to a second doctor endocronoligist who started me on this hcg protocol just to have children
So I’m wondering how much AL I throw into the mix

Thanks for your help

Your doctor is stupid, he should have added HCG to your TRT protocol. That HCG dose is INSANE, you need a new doctor. Your need a horse dose of an AI with that much HCG, leave this clueless doctor at once!

This is a second doctor who is head of endocrinology
The first doctor yes should of had me on hcg while on trt that’s not the point right now

And for fertility 1500 to 3000 iu of HCG is the standard protocol for having a child