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HCG on TRT: Yes/No, How Much?

So I’m in the uk who have tight laws on steroids and TRT is near impossible to get on through the health service without the levels of an 80 year old. I will be having privet bloods done to keep upto date with my levels. Before I get into getting my Testosterone I have heard a lot about HCG and done some research but get very conflicting information. I want to keep my balls and keep my own sperm active. What sort of HCG doses are people taking? I’ve seen ppl speak about only doing HCG for the start of TRT and also people taking what seem very large amounts and without access to a TRT doctor I’m looking for some good factual information regarding, test to HCG ratios and frequency of injections. All advice is greatly received.

HCG doses are 100-150 daily, 250 EOD and 350-500 twice weekly. There are no guarantees holding onto your sperm production while on TRT. You should not start TRT with a bunch of other compounds because it’s difficult to dial-in.

Controlling estrogen while on TRT can be tricky, one sure way to go about lowering it is frequent smaller injections, more frequency usually means lower estrogen, HCG dosing works the same way. There are not many people on TRT and HCG not taking an AI to control estrogen.

The fact is not everyone will see a drastic reduction in testicular size, it varies greatly. You could try Sustanon 125mg weekly or split it up two ways, enanthate 125mg split up however you wish.

So hcg doesn’t keep you fertile? I thought this was the whole point?

The purpose is to keep testicles producing a little bit of testosterone and estrogen while keeping testicles from pulling up into the scrotum. TRT suppresses FSH responsible for sperm production, when you are looking to have kids you can always inject FSH to increase sperm production while also using HCG.

HCG is an LH analog, it mimics LH and therefore allows the testicles to produce a little bit of T and E2. You may not even tolerate HCG well at all. You can also stop TRT and do a restart to regain fertility.

This is also my issue for not starting TRT. Fertility always drops and nobody can give you any giarantees.

Yep you have two choices at 30 years old. Muscles or babies. There are no guarantees with TRT.
In the blind desire for easy muscle growth, you could fuck your future forever.

What muscles man its not about muscles but about normal life without symptoms

I am on HCG and Test Cyponiate. Don’t have any symptoms of high E2 yet. I believe Dr. Crisler mentioned that HCG can be helpful for the LH cells in different parts of the body, such as the brain. Because if you remove LH completely it can potentially have a negative effect on those functions. HCG helps to resolve that. From my understanding with reading the literature on it. It is considered theory but I definitely agree on not starting with two compounds at once, hard to tell what you are reacting to if something goes wrong when you are on multiple things at once.

I also know HCG fills many hormonal defficiencies that exogenous testosterone opens.

What amounts and frequency of HCG are you taking and with how much test? I realise this varies between people but just as a point of reference? My other question is how does a weeks injections look? ie: amounts and on what days?

180 mg of test C and 500IU of HCG a week. The test C is injected sub q daily, the HCG I inject every other day.