HCG on T Replacement

HCG seems to be shutting me down further I added HCG to TRT about 2 months ago & at first it seemed to help but now Libido going down a little & money shots suck big time. I’m on 125ml test e 2x/week along with 350iu to 500iu hcg , 20mg cialis every 48 hours & 25mg proviron every 12 hours to lower SHBG test doesn’t seem to work well without it. I have read in other places that hcg is not to be used more than 4 to 6 weeks at the end of a cycle never ever to be used in any other situation as it mimics LH & FSH & if you use it more you may end up with permanent Hypogondasim(not sure how to spell that one). So why are people on trt using this continuously is it because they were shutdown before ever taking test? How bad is this for me if I wasn’t shutdown before ever taking AAS & choose to stay on TRT dose because I’m an abuser that feels that because I’m 60 I need(want) test???

this is a very good question, and i asked my doctor the same thing after hearing that hcg should not be used continuously with no breaks. i am on 180ml test once per week, and 500 iu hcg 2Xs weekly, but lowered my hcg to just 500 iu per week out of the concern that we both seam to share. My doctor who has a lot of experience in trt, said that continuous hcg doses at a low level is not dangerous. I told him that i am going to continue with only 500 iu per week, just to be on the safe side though. I am a 35 year old former boxer who has never abused steroids in my life, and i suspect that my low t is related to the many concussions i have endured over the years. Hopefully someone who has more knowledge on hcg will be able to give you some advice. It will help us both. Best of luck to you man!

The purpose of the HCG on TRT is to keep your nuts working by mimicking LH signal, which is shutdown on TRT. The TRT is what shuts down your HPTA system. HCG just keeps your boys from shrinking and going dormant while HPTA is shutdown. Without HCG, TRT will become permanent, after months and years, because your testicles will shrink and lose function. A body builder cycles T then uses HCG and a SERM short term to restart the HPTA system. This really doesn’t apply to someone who is suffering from hypogonadism, and needs T long term. We guys use HCG to keep our testicles from shrinking, and also to keep testicles functioning at some level, because they do produce other hormones your body requires.

I have found on HCG I still have natural production, so need less Test. I kinda cycle HCG myself, mainly because its pricey (have no insurance), but I see testicle shrinkage when I’m not taking it.

Your issues are more likely from high E2. You are taking a large dose of Test without an AI. I found personally that I have better sex drive on lower T dose, when my TT is in the mid-normal range 6-800… You are taking 250mg of T per week?? With that dose you can be sure your E2 is very high, and high E2 is killing your sex drive and erection quality.

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