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Hcg On/Off Cycle Questions

I’m seeing a lot of people talking about taking hcg just during cycle and then stopping as soon as they stop pinning. My thoughts are that if you keep running for 2-3 weeks after your last injections while your t levels are still high that it would be more beneficial, and possibly upping the dose of hcg?

For example:
week 1-10
test e 250mg x 2 (week)
hcg 250iu x 2 (week)

week 11-13
hcg 500iu x 2 (week)

week 14 start pct (half as many weeks as the cycle)
nolva 20/20/20/10/10

Any criticism of this?

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i’d take it while you wait for the ester to clear…

however, if you bump up the dose, then you need to keep an eye on an increase in estrogen.

i’d definitely add in a AI in that cycle, at least at a low dose…

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That’s not my exact cycle. Just an example about the hcg. My cycle I plan on doing will be
Week 1-10
Test e 250mg x 2/week
Anavar 50mg ed
Hcg 250iu x 2/week
Arimidex…I had a mild/moderate case of acne on my shoulders and back until I took a 5 month cycle of accutane prescribed by my dermatologist. Haven’t had so much as a bump in months. Being that I’m predisposed to that and possible gyno I feel like I need to start adex the first week as well. I’d love to be one of the lucky guys that can go without but I think I’m gonna need at least .25mg ed.

I will adjust that as needed but I wanna run as little as possible so I’m not messing with estrogen levels too much and throwing off the balance.

When I stop pinning and go to just hcg for three weeks before nolva I will up my arimidex a touch for the 3 weeks while the esters clear. Then nolva for 5 weeks starting week 14

Thanks for the reply @cycobushmaster, I’ve been researching on this forum and other for months now and have read many of your posts and found them to be helpful. This will be my first cycle, just wanted to be informed as possible before starting

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it’s standard practice to keep pinning the hcg while the esters clear


Ive also been wondering about the duration of the Var. Opinions on running it the entire 10 weeks with the test? The added cost isn’t important to me, more of diminishing marginal returns and liver enzymes. If I shorten to 6 weeks would it be better to run it at the beginning as a kickstart or the end as a finisher/polisher?

I’m on var right now per @Yogi1’s recommendation, and it’s great for pumps and workout performance at the beginning of a cycle, as it kicks in right away. I was getting headaches on 100mg/day though so I dropped to 50 and feel a lot better. I think at 50 you’d be fine to run it the whole 10 weeks as long as you don’t have any other lifestyle choices stressing your liver i.e. alcohol, drugs, heavy NSAID use, risky buttsex, etc.

Thanks @Juggs, I have 50x50mg tabs so I’ve got enough for about 7 weeks. I was considering running it week 1-4 and then off till weeks 8-10. Something to kickstart the cycle until my test levels are elevated enough to start noticing a difference, and then for the last 3 weeks to finish up. This may not put quite as much stress on the liver as well. I don’t smoke, take any other pills/medications and very rarely drink. I will also be taking 5% nutrition liver and organ support as well as omega 3 krill oil daily. Thanks for the input

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if the buttsex isn’t risky there’s no point IMO