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HCG on Cycle Causing Secondary Hypogonadism


Hello everyone. I have come across a case of a person who used hcg during one of his cycles at low doses 250-350 iu 2 times per week. He did a proper pct and a few months after pct his LH & TT level came out very low. In all his previous cycles he did hcg blast before pct and recovered absolutely fine. This is exactly what happened with me. I completed Test E and dbol cycle and did hcg blast before pct (nolva + clomid) and recovered pretty fast.

In my second cycle I took test e , boldenone, winny and used hcg on cycle (for 10 weeks) at 350 iu twice per week. I did the same pct of nolva + clomid like i did in my previous cycle but couldnt recover. 2.5 months after pct i got some blood work done and my LH level came 2.79 (ref range 1.50-9.30) and TT came 510.33 (ref range 241.00-827.00). I am really worried as I am not feeling the same as before and libido is low. Because of using hcg on cycle my body might have stopped producing appropriate amount of LH like it happened with the guy I told about. Can someone please help me out. I am extremely tensed right now :frowning:


Hcg cannot possibly be the cause of secondary hypogonadism. If we were to speculate using animal models, it can only potentially cause primary hypogonadism by desensitizing the leydig cells. That means you would have high LH with low TT.

Try a restart with nolva @20mg for 6 weeks and get bloodwork.


Pheewww!!! Thankgod. I was so worried.

Thanks a lot for your advice man.But can I use test e for a few weeks because I need to up my sex drive as I have to satisfy a few girls - also to feel good like I did before cycle - then start pct again ?


You think secondary hypogonadism can't end up being permanent? You are still suppressed. You want to shut yourself down again?

This is why I told you to use short esters for a maximum of 8 weeks in your 1st thread here since you were so afraid of fucking up your HPTA. The longer you are suppressed, the higher chance your HPTA won't revert back to normal.


Yeah, that really just happened.


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