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HCG Now Illegal for TRT?

I just had my routine TRT doc appointment yesterday and was surprised to find out that I could no longer buy HCG. Has this already been discussed here and I somehow missed it?

What is the new law and why, and are people looking to alternatives, or simply dropping it and doing without?

Yes, you can still get it. It got reclassified as a biologic. The pharmacy you use needs a different license to obtain it. Lots of places are already up to code and are prescribing it daily.

Interesting and that makes sense. My doc used to sell it to me out of his office because he could sell it to me cheaper than the pharmacy (he’d sell it to me at cost). But likely he doesn’t want to bother with the re-licensing. But I’m guessing he could prescribe it and I could just go pick it up where I get my Testosterone.

…though I’m not sure I want to bother either if it’s going to cost more. What’s the typical pharmacy price?

I used to get it for 60 bucks per 12,000 IU bottle.

I know the prices have increased but I don’t know the exact price as I don’t currently use it.

Goodrx coupon has it at $119

Empower has it still. ~$50 for 5000IU’s

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Daaaang, those prices are like double what I used to pay. I guess HCG is off the menu for me.