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HCG Not Helping

ok, i have been on TRT for 14 MOS. 100mg test cyp divided into two subq doses per week. anastrozole liquid .25 EOD , HCG 250 iu subq EOD.
This has been absolutely perfect for pretty much the entire time. However, the last few weeks, testicles are pulled up, and not hanging as usual.
I had a blood panel done 2 mos ago. It was not the panel that is recommended here on this site, but close. Everything looked pretty good per my doc and IMHO.
any input would be helpful

Have you been on HCG the entire time?

Is it possible your HCG has gone bad or you got a bad vial?

yep been on the entire time. have gone through several vials. i was planning on starting a new batch this weekend. and i changed brands.

So when did you change vials? Sounds like what you are using is useless. Did you reconstitute an empty vial? [my weak attempt a humor]

So you now have 4 threads, you should avoid this.