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HCG Not Covered by Insurance


I'm on TRT and my Test is covered by my health insurance (copay only $10 per month). My doc originally prescribed my HCG too, but it wasn't covered and I was having to pay $100 per month for it. I wasn't noticing any real benefits from it so we stopped it. My nut have shrunk to peas and have had some pain down there. I'm 45, not having any more children and the Test seems to be really working good. I'm about 2 years on Test and about 1 year with no HCG. Questions: Is HCG really that necessary and if it is highly recommended, how can I get it at a more affordable price?



You should be getting 10,000iu vials, which last 80 days at 250iu EOD. What is lasting only one month?


They compound it at my pharmacy and it seems like there is plenty of it but they said it expires after 30 days…not recommended to use.


Call around to different pharmacies. My compound pharmacy does it for me for $40 for 10,000 iu. It is supposed to be $60 but the first few times somebody messed up and did it for $40 so now they just honor that price. This is not covered by my insurance either. Also most is good for at least 60 days.


I believe you can freeze any that you wont use in the first 30 days by drawing it into syringes and placing them in your freezer. Just take them out and put them in the fridge a day or two before you need them. I’ve heard arguments that freezing could affect the potency but I believe that was debunked. Even if the potency is slightly affected, it should be less than the natural decrease of potency that it has when sitting in your fridge longer than 30-60 days.

As for the cost of it, my compounding pharmacy sells 5,000 iu for $80. I didn’t think that was a very good price so I decided to get it from CVS Caremark Specialty Pharmacy. My price with them is $79 for 10,000 iu. However, I think my insurance gets me that price. Im on a High deductible plan but some medications are covered at 100% and others are not. For example my AI is free. I say all that just so you know CVS does have it, you just have to go through the specialty branch. Im not sure what insurance you have but my coverage was denied the first time my doctor wrote me a script. I had to file an appeal. Upon a second look, my condition (secondary hypogonadism) that my Doc put on the script was an acceptable reason to have HCG according to them (United Healthcare).

Regarding the necessity of HCG while you are on TRT, people will argue strongly both ways but in the end it’s up to you to decide if it works for you. You said you had shrinkage and pain. Those are both symptoms that HCG is known for helping in scenarios like yours.


If reconstituted with BA water [0.9% benzol alcohol] it is good for the 80 days that it take to consume 10,000iu at 250iu EOD.

Ask what it used to mix it or ask that they deliver dry and mix your self and they should supply BA water to you.