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Not sure if this belonged in the S&N Forum or here, but I thought this forum would have more knowledge regarding HCG. Also, this might seem like a newbie question, but I’m trying to get a better understanding of all aspects of steroid use.

So to my understanding HCG increases LH. Now, to my understanding Tribulus does this as well. HCG shouldn’t be taken without a SERM or an AI; and to my knowledge Trib doesn’t need this. This leads me to believe that my original assumption was correct: that HCG is far more powerful than Trib.

Now enough about what I know (according to my understanding - I know, I’ve been saying it a lot. But I’m not sure 100% positive on any of this information) Couldn’t someone take dose of HCG and a SERM/AI for a month and get effects that were far superior to Trib - a way to increase test levels without seeing much, if any Test suppression once the “cycle” was done?

Let me try and summarize my rambling: Ignoring costs, could someone take HCG and a SERM/AI for a short month-long “cycle” and see good gains without any natural T suppression?


I don’t think you are going to find many people who have ran HCG as a stand alone cycle. Why not just do some real gear and not mess around with questionable drugs? If you are concerned about test suppression there are some steroids out there that are not suppressive.