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HCG/Nolvadex Dosing and Timing?

Hey guys, I’m looking for a little help with HCG/Nolvadex dosages.

I’m 45-year old male, taking modest weekly dosage of testosterone (125mg) for 5 years now. I’m starting to see signs of gyno and am adding some Aromotase Inhibitors to the program.

For some one using testosterone on an ongoing basis and not cycling, what type of program would you suggest for taking Nolvadex(or Arimidex, I just currently have Nolva) and HCG? I’m not 100% sure if I want to be cycling these products or taking them with some more consistency like the test.

I appreciate any feedback suggested

I’d say get bloodwork to see what your numbers are. At 125/week of test you really shouldn’t be aromatizing that much or need much AI. If you’re sure you’re developing gyno you could start with 10-20mg/day of nolva. FWIW, I am on 160mg/week from my doc and I have to take 0.25mg adex on pin days to keep E2 perfect. HCG I take year-round at 500IU 2x per week.

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If you have legit gyno (many think they do but really don’t) then just use Nolva 20mg/day. There’s plenty studies online showing it’s effectiveness at reducing gyno especially when you catch it in the early stages. From the ones I’ve read the best results came to those that took it daily for 3-6 months.

FWIW I’m also on TRT (200mg/week) and early on thought I was developing gyno since I previously had gyno twice before touching hormones. Turns out I was just holding water and had gained a little weight. Feel for legit hard masses under your nipples and if you gained weight recently then evaluate whether you are convincing yourself of something that may not be real. I can tell you from experience that 40mg/day of Nolva makes you feel like total crap by week 4 and likely isn’t any more effective than 20mg.


No hard masses yet, but some discolouration around the nipple which led me to suspect it was the first stage. You might be correct about it being a little water retention.

Appreciate the feedback

Yeah discoloration likely isn’t gyno.