HCG/Nolva - Coming off TRT

Hi All,
Hoping for some help here.
Posted a few times on a different thread but received no response as yet. So posted on here to see of can get any further advice if poss.

Was on TRT as levels seemed to be low.
Decided to come off TRT for now, due to fertility reasons and not ready to start a life long commitment of TRT to be honest.

Wondering if this was needed as due to starting AAS in my younger years (over 10 yrs ago) and experimented once with deca and Sust wasn’t a massive course tbh. I’m 42 now.

Anyway sleep has been bad over the years and health and eating wasn’t great, not training much etc due to have busy lifestyle with kids and put weight on. My levels may have been bad due to this as well.

Anyway fast forwarding, got on TRT.
Wasn’t fortunate to have a private clinic so had to opt for a urologist (and daft dosing protocols) who put me initially on Nebido for 3 months. Then due to being on a roller coaster due to the dosing and side effects to what been have been the carrier oil. Shifted in to Sust 250 x (was supposed to be 1ml x 3 wks) but managed to get it to 1 x 2 wks, still felt like a roller coaster. Had this for 8 weeks so 4 injections of this approx.

Decided to get off TRT due to having a baby and not ready for life long commitment as stated above (at this time).

Dr wouldn’t prescribe anything when coming off so got HCG by UGL methods.
Have done the following, been 4th week since last had injection
Had muscle aches, bones aching and popping, forearm pains etc… waited 2 weeks and started HCG.

Week 1 - M 2500 iu, T - 500iu - 29/05
Week 2 (EOD) - Sun - 500 iu, Tues - 500iu, Thurs - 500iu - Sat - 500iu -

Wk 3 - (Today) Mon - 500iu, Wed - 500iu, Fri - 500 iu or should i be doing 1000iu on each of these days or would 500iu suffice, as best to go lower than higher?

I should have started a SERM by last week on the 11/06/2023, as all esters would have cleared by then.

However giving it another week on HCG and then may start Nolvadex (clomid gives visual issues) only if needed??

Do I definitely need this after HCG, my LH was a 3.5 before i started and FSH 3.6, SHBG has always been low at 15-18 max?

I wouldn’t say the balls feel atrophied at all.

I may revisit TRT if needed in a year or two… my test levels were crap but I’m starting to understand maybe why, need plenty of animal fats, where before i was avoiding any fats/saturated or not.
I was eating chicken but thats lean meat really, going to get off all this and eat 4 x eggs per day and eat beef steak for 3 months, along with all supplements such as fish oil, NAC, decent sleep, lose a little weight, then see where i am… before starting lifelong commitment.

Please provide any advice you can and I’m very thankful :pray:t4:

Anybody with any advice please??

Sounds like you know what the problem was with your TRT program. It was a bad protocol. I don’t know if you needed TRT or not, but revisiting it may be in your future.

As far as your recovery protocol it seems on track. HCG for a few weeks followed by a SERM for a month or so. What questions did you have exactly?

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Thanks for your response mate, much appreciated.

Yes will be revisiting TRT if needed in future, just not right now due to various issues. Going to get plenty of decent sleep, eat plenty of eggs and animal fats, vits and supplements as stated for a 3 month period and then see where I am before jumping back on TRT for life. My ideal situation would be stay off until Jatenzo is provided in the UK so no more needles :rofl:

So this is where I am currently:

Week 1 - M 2500 iu, T - 500iu - 29/05
Week 2 (EOD) - Sun - 500 iu, Tues - 500iu, Thurs - 500iu - Sat - 500iu -
Wk 3 - (Today) Mon - 750iu, Wed - 1000iu,

I’m thinking about jumping on SERMS -nolvadex start this Friday. I wouldn’t say the balls feel atrophied at all.

Q1. So if i start Nolva 40mg Friday, don’t need another HCG injection? Just take nolva instead? Don’t need to taper off etc…

Q2. Do i even need SERMS? My LH and FSH was a little high before jumped on TRT? Or just do a smaller course on this? 2/3 weeks instead of 4, 40mg first week, 20mg for 2nd week @highpull stated i may not even need this at all? So a little confused here? Read a source that states 20mg a day is just as beneficial as 40mg? No need to go higher…?

Q3. How do i know HCG has done it’s job? What am i looking for in bloods/labs etc? Ive got some ejaculate now which before i had very little!

Q4. Im not training at the mo, as muscles feel really weak, but am doing some walking, is it best to get bk into training slowly or just await till finish SERMS, bones/muscles are just painful at the moment and fatigue?

Q5. My birthday is coming up and meeting up with many friends just for a day, can you drink/smoke on SERMS? Is it best just not to take it for that day?

Q6. Do i need anything for any rise of estro issues on HCG? Or will nolva be enough here to counter these?

Please let us know your thoughts @blshaw
And anyone else

@systemlord @highpull @enackers @swoops39

Please tag anyone else that may have some expertise in this field, thanks and much appreciated :+1:t4::ok_hand:t4:

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I try to stay away from specifics as I’m not a medical professional. I’ll answer these as an enthusiast only just to clarify the difference.

  1. You stop the HCG before you start your SERM.
  2. You may or may not. 40/40/20/20 as in 40mg/day first and second weeks, 20mg/day third and fourth weeks are the classic PCT route.
  3. When you take bloods you will want to see FSH/LH back up and functioning as well as T and E2 on the rise.
  4. Train as much as you can tolerate without injury.
  5. Nolvadex is slightly liver toxic. Would recommend you don’t drink a LOT on it.
  6. No

Thank you for your fast response and will do accordingly.
Yes will start Nolva on this Friday then and say I’ve had my last hcg injection today, I have a horrible itchy feelings on hands and legs at times with HCG recently?

Any idea what this is? Didn’t happen at first so wanting to get off asap.

Sorry does this mean i wont need anything for the rise of estro on HCG?

@blshaw @Andrewgen_Receptors @highpull @systemlord

Ive had my last HCG injection at 1000iu on Wed… going to start SERMS tomorrow…

I’ve got real testicle ache today though, is this maybe because im coming off HCG for a few weeks?

Dont really need labs. Just look at the boys and see if they are back to normal.

I honeslty stay away from everything and stick to bio identical TRT and THyroid meds.

No point in taking anything but what the body makes and needs. The body knows what to do with everything you give it when its bio identical. All you do is manage dose .

Always keep it simple. Those who do not tend to always have issues.

Blshaw gave good answers.

Nolvadex is just not good. Allot of guys have managed to control their gyno with the right dose of TRT and diet.

I would get the surgery if i had that issue and was going to stay on T forever. In the end its worth it for a healthy life.