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hCG Monotherapy

after figuring out my dosage, Ive been shooting 1000iu 3x/week for the past 4 weeks. had labs done last week.

TT- 733 ng/dL was 276
FT- 162.8 pg/mL was 45
E2- 25 pg/mL was 29
SHBG- 23 nmol/L was 29
DHT- 46 ng/dL

Still feel tired, moody, depressed, anxiety, weak, lack of endurance, etc… i think ive gained about 5-10 lbs since starting this protocol. should i try to get test-c added to protocol? do these numbers look good? a natty doc told me to add an otc test booster (his labs show a tremendous increase while using the t booster), good idea? i still worry about thyroid but docs keep ruling that out. i wonder greatly about Vit D, B12, and other things but my docs dont seem to wanna mess with it. Im super thankful for my current urologist that took the step to try hCG. im due for a yearly physical. doc always wants to check blood, but its usually just cholesterol and cbc. what else SHOULD be tested on a 40 yr old male with clinically low test, lh, and fsh?

comments and suggestions appreciated!

That is in excess of what is advised here due to desensitivity over time in the Leydig cells. 250IU eod is what is recommended.

If this is the beginning then it has not been long enough for a lot of that to go away. For me, it took over 3 months to get a change large enough that made me feel comfortable to drop the anti-depressants.


You should have had this all tested before starting a protocol, but you can still purchase these labs without your doctor from labcorp. Just use google or defy.

Look at the stickies, this is all listed.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve read both ways in regards to dosing amounts. I’ll stick with the higher dose since its what was ordered and I’ve seen a rise in my levels. I’m glad to here that the low t side effects will wear off. Thanks for your input.