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HCG Monotherapy

Finally found a doc willing to acknowledge and address my low t issues. He wanted to start with hCG as a stand-alone protocol. I received 11,000iu bottle of hcg and have been told to inject 1ml Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The rx says 1ml/100units. Does that seem like too much? I’ve watched videos on YouTube and usually see 250iu injections.

Again, 11,000iu hCG mixed with 11,000 BA water then inject 1ml/100units 3x per week. Does this sound right?

250IU E3D is the recommendation here.

As for mixture…Not sure what you are writing. If you have a 11000IU vial of dry powder. Inject 11ML of biostatic water to the side of vial slowly of the vial (not directly into the peptides as peptides are sensitive). Gently roll the vial with your hands back and forth to mix, do not shake (Peptides are sensitive remember). Then refrigerate after use. With this mixture 100 IU is 0.1ML (10 or 100 on a diabetic syringe depending on the UOM)

Math made easy calculator here:


I understand the calculation now. I guess I’m just confused on the dosing. My rx says 1cc 3x /week. I’m going to assume that means I’m supposed to divide the 1000iu into 3 even dosages. Waiting on a call back now.

Thanks for your reply.

When I was on HCG mono i was on 500 I.U EOD and it put my testosterone up too 917ng.
But it put my estrogen up to 71ng as well
So my doctor changed my protocol too 300I.U EOD and then prescribed me a A.I

HCG mono did help a little bit with energy but didn’t help with all my other symptoms. Im now on TRT and you will deffinly be able to tell the difference

Thanks for your input. My LH and FSH are well below clinical levels but my T is around the low 300s, upper 200s. He seems to think my balls are working but, they’re not being signaled to make more T.