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HCG Monotherapy?


So instead of continually seeking doctors I am going to experiment a little and and see how I feel with some help. I am considering taking only HCG or possibly HCG with arimidex.

My main question is about how much to dose if my T levels are in the 300-400 range. I'm not sure what my E2 levels are currently but I have no problems with sex drive so I'm assuming the E2 isn't too bad.

Also, I'm only experimenting so I'd like to know how to properly cycle off of HCG. If the HCG doesn't make a large difference then I'll throw in some either test cyp. and/or sustenon 250 (not sure which is better I've heard mixed reviews), and do the HCG and AI along with it.

So my main question is in regards to the dosing of either scenario, as well as injection timing etc. On a side note I've responded relatively well to tribulus in the past so I'm guessing that my LH levels are the culprit for my lack of T at 21.


Please get to a trained dr and stop self experimenting. I have to clean up way to many Dr's error and also alot of people who self experiment making matters worse. At 21 you need to get proper help. You think HRT is fun for rest of your life it is not anything to take lightly.
If you are in the north east USA PM for reference to a comepetent HRT specialist


See later post in the Protocol... stick that discusses hCG and E2.