HCG Monotherapy Working But Not Suppressive?

Hi Guys,

I’ve been on HCG monotherapy for 4 months and my Test numbers have increased drastically as well as my well being. I feel so much better BUT… after doing labs in 3 different places my LH is not shutdown while my FSH is very low.

My numbers before

Total Test: 350
Free Test: 7
E2: 40
LH: 8.1
FSH: 3.2

HCG 300iu EOD

Total Test: 850
Free Test: 15
E2: 36
LH: 6.1
FSH: 1

I thought HCG was meant to shut you down ? In this case it’s not only not shut me down but it’s not suppressing either.

How can this be?

Why are you concerned with your LH and FSH? You are absolutely fertile going by this bloodwork, and you appear to be responding quite well to the HCG also. Even your E2 looks solid. What is the issue?

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I’m neither concerned nor interested in fertility, I am curious on why HCG is not suppressing my own production or shutting it down completely. Apparently that should be the case…

How much are you taking?

EDIT: nevermind I see it now

LH/FSH did go down, so they are suppressed, not shut down. I’m surprised e2 didn’t change, even went down, since HCG is known to increase that.

I have had lower readings off HCG (3.5, 4 and 5.1). Top of the range is 8 thus 6.1 is not really suppressed at all in my case.

FSH did get suppressed.

E2 could be cause I lost bodyfat thus that can be regulating E2 a little.

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