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HCG Monotherapy Question

Hello. No longer wish to cycle and want to stop exogenous testosterone due to testicular atrophy, suppression, etc. and want to reduce the amount of unnecessary drugs, lower costs, overall simplify things. My endogenous testosterone baseline is around 350 but would like to be around 550. My estradiol seems to remain pretty constant around 25 regardless of if I’m taking exogenous testosterone or not, or how much. I don’t like taking SERMS due to sides.

I’ve tried HCG in 250 to 500 IU doses one to two times a week and it seems to work OK. Does anyone see any issues with simply using HCG monotherapy permanently and calling it a day. The only negatives I’ve heard is if estradiol increases significantly, but I don’t think that’s a problem for me. I know this will cause some secondary (HP) suppression but that would happen anyway with endogenous testosterone.

The half life of hCG really wants dosing every other day.
250-300iu SC EOD is a replacement for natural levels of LH.

For that to work, your testes need to be in good condition.

Low dose hCG typically does not cause any problems with high T–>E2 inside the testes. I have seem that in one or two guys here. Nothing recent for a long time.

hCG does not travel well or easily. You could use Nolvadex when traveling if traveling is a problem.

If you have lower T levels, E2 management may be more critical, considering T:E2 ratio.