HCG Monotherapy for Secondary

HCG is the female equivalent of LH. Your body operates on feedback loops, so it is automatic that when you add HCG you suppress LH production. Clomid stimulates the pituitary to produce more LH. HCG acts like LH in the body and tells the testes to produce more everything (testosterone, estrogen and sperm). Taking Testosterone tells your body that you have enough test and so your pituitary stops making LH and your testes stop making anything, adding HCG signals the testes to produce at whatever level your dose of HCG would indicate to it. Your reaction to each thing is largely dependent on what your problem is, it’s not a mystery. The problem with HCG monotherapy is it results in higher estrogen production than taking testosterone, and that the Leydig cells down-regulate over time making the HCG ineffective. HCG is after all not LH, it just mimics LH.

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Would you say HCG monotheraphy is better then Clomid theraphy?
Also i didn’t understand why OP got worse sexually on clomid hmm
I am trying to pick HCG or Clomid for my low T symptoms.

What i understand is tho, HCG can be supressive but Clomid and SERMS are not at low doses. So i guess my best bet is Clomid to beat my Post Accutane Sexual dysfunction?

The chances that clomid fixes anything is approximately -87%.

The chance that HCG alone fixes anything is approximately 16%

Neither is an awesome option

Why are you so negative? And where did you get those numbers?
Aren’t you from PH? Nice to meet you here besides your hostile attitude. We can beat this disease don’t get discouraged please.

I have read people improving with PCT protocols. And nothing worked out for me. I tried Proviron and waiting the results. If that won’t work. What do you want me to do? Waiting for a magic pill from Baylor Study?

No one else will recover besides experimentation. That’s what PH are missing out. I am not waiting for a miracle to happen anymore. Faith is in our hands.

I was being fictitious on the numbers.

I am pretty jaded when it comes to HCG and especially clomid to be honest. We see people on here over and over and over where their doctors prescribe clomid, their numbers improve, their symptoms don’t, and then the docs are convinced T cannot be the issue because their lab results look better or even “normal”.

Take the same person and put them on testosterone and they’re a new person. Clomid does something at the estrogen receptor that makes people feel bad, even if their T levels do increase. It also tends to increase shbg so free T doesn’t end up going up.

I’ve only seen 2-3 people ever that have had good results with clomid, which is why I don’t like the stuff.

If you’re going to go that route, at least consider enclomiphene instead. It supposedly has fewer side effects and people feel better on it than regular clomid.

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