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HCG Monotherapy Dose Too High?

I went to a TRT clinic and the Dr. prescribed me 2,000 IU of HCG, 3 times per week. This seems really high based on everything I’ve seen in medical papers. What do you think?

Follow up question: I’m quitting HCG regardless because I have concerns about the Dr. in general but also because I used HGH previously and the benefits were much clearer. But I have a 2-3 week gap between when I run out of HCG and when I can legally get HGH.

Which would you do in the meantime:

  • reduce HGH dose to 1000 IU, 3 week per week
  • another dose
  • use some test with the HCG
  • quit HCG entirely


What are you talking about HGH? Yes that is a real big dose of HCG its usually like 250-500 twice a week. Regarding the HGH, that will not increase your testosterone or do anything that HCG will do.

Just to clarify, yep, I get that HGH and HCG are different. I’ve taken both at different times.

Fwiw my total T was 300 points higher on HGH than it was 1 year later when I was off HGH and I started HCG. So either HGH does increase testosterone (it does in mice at least) or my natural T fell a lot in one year. Either way, at ~390 T I felt like shit compared to ~700.

You probably had a lab error. It happens a lot they are just kids making minimum wage running those blood tests. HGH has nothing ((( nothing ))) to do with your T lvl.

HCG dose is definitely high to start especially if that’s your initial protocol. I need more HCG than most guys i’ve heard from… I take about 800iu EOD while on TRT. I think cutting to 1,000iu 3x a week is a good start although still possibly high. Honestly, starting lower isn’t an issue as you can just keep a stock of HCG until you figure out what your optimal dose is. I loved being on HCG monotherapy, I just had terrible side effects of sensitive nipples, but that’s just because of a Urologist who refused to prescribe me an AI.

We really need more details to see if HCG is a good option for you. Why are you starting HCG? Age? Labs? What symptoms are you having?

39 year old make, 6’1", 195 lbs.

Goals: better lean mass, libido, and sleep. Basically everything I liked about HGH.

Total T was ~390 before HCG, ~490 after a month of HCG at 2,000 IU 3x per week. The doctor wasn’t checking free T or Estradiol, which among other things, seemed weird. Even my guy in Mexico ordered those tests.

And yeah, my nipples are mildly more sensitive / protruding than usual. I’m going to cut the HCG in half for now because I don’t want to crash.