Hcg Monotherapy Dosage Concerns

Hey guys I’ve read a lot of posts about hcg monotherapy on here and what I’ve learned is most of you give really great feedback so I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction as far as dosage goes.

Lab results as of 7/26/2018

TT = 458. Range is 250-1100
FT = 80.7 range is 35-155
FSH = 0.9 range is 1.6 - 8.0
LH = 5.5 range is 1.5 - 9.3

I start a cycle of 1000 IU SC 2x weekly for 8 weeks beginning next week and I’m concerned the dosage my rapidly elevate my LH too much. As you can see my LH levels are within normal range and I’m concerned that I may not see much of an increase in TT.

Would spreading the 2000 IU weekly dose out to 500IU EOD be safer and potentially more effective?

Also, I haven’t taken any E2 lab tests yet, according to my doc he wants to wait until I’ve been on HCG 1000iu 2x weekly for 2 months before running an e2 test. He says that at that point he may start me on anastrozole but he hasn’t confirmed the dosages of that yet.

I guess what I’m asking is does this regemine seem like an effective/safe route to increase my TT levels to roughly 800level which would be my ultimate goal.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

I’m not a fan of HCG monotherapy because controlling E2 can be a challenge, anastrozole can’t effect E2 inside the testicles. HCG stimulates the bottom half of the testicles and suppresses the top half, so the success rate is lower.

I would do 500mg 2-3 times per week to start, injecting more than 500 at a time will force it to convert over to E2.

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I prefer to stack hcg with test and an ai but the doc wants to start with hcg mono to see how I respond to it. I agree with you that 500iu eod might be a better route to take than 1000iu twice weekly. Thank you for the imput. Since I won’t be getting the anastrozole until at least 60 days into treatment raising my e2 rapidly for that long may cause some irreparable damage

This plan of your doctor’s is a recipe for gyno, nothing on hand should things get out of hand.

That much HCG will increase estrogen, if it were me I would run away from this doctor.

Yea but I already paid about 400$ for appointments and meds so Im kinda stuck, not made of money unfortunately.

I could probably point out my e2 concerns and see if I can get labs done sooner than 60days. Maybe then I can get a T + HCG + AI cycle going

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Can you give us an update?