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HCG Monotherapy Blood Results


Blood test results HCG + AI therapy

Sharing my latest blood tests for anyone interested.

I should also mention that before I started HCG monotherapy I had about 2 weeks worth of letro before hand just to build up levels. I was only taking 1/4 tablet e3d.

Blood tests are when I was on HCG 250iu 3x per week, + .6mg of letro e3d and was on this protocol for 4 weeks when blood was drawn.

Alt .96 (.1-.83)
Ast .76 (.1-.83)
Ggt .86 (.1-1.77)
Psa .47 (0.0-3.5)
Lh 6.4 (1.7-8.6)
Fsh 3.9 (1.5-12.4)
Prolactin 210 (1-10,000)
Estradiol 84 (28-156)

Testosterone 25.4 (9.9-27.8)
SHBG 27.6 (14.5-48.4)
Dhea-S 2.8 (2.2-15.2)
Cortisol 470 (171-536)
FAI 92 (14.8-95)

I told the doctor have been feeling pretty good on the day of the blood draw.

My only concern now that a few weeks has passed if I have not dropped my e2 even lower. Slight decrease in energy but it could be down to being run down a little very busy and not enough quality sleep.

I know we talked about letro causing bone loss in long term use, I would think having nice healthy T numbers would counter that slight negative effect. But also if not driving e2 into the ground it should be no issue.


Labs look great to me.

E2 84 divided by 3.671 leaves you at 22 which is bang on the recommend E2 score here

Liver is a worry and may have been the cause of your problem to begin with to some degree.

I would ask for a liver ultrasound and check igf-1


What was your protocol before - were you ever on test? How long?


Letro or anastrozole do not cause bone loss. When women take enough to get near E2=0, they can get bone loss from the low E2. In your case, you are modulating E2 to a healthy level. You need to understand the context of side effects in drugs and not simply see something and assume that it applies to a TRT context.

yes, E2 might be lower, but if you feel great. can’t be too bad.

Sleep and stress can wear you down. So hard to guess what is at play.


I was never on test, I did try a clomid restart there was some positive sign so HCG was next on the cards.

my ALT has usually been elevated slightly could be from training or could be from having mononucleosis a long time ago. I have had ultrasounds done on liver 2 times over the last 3 years all came back fine.

The only thing at the moment that could be a sign of low e2 is hip pain. Never had hip pain before or could be totally unrelated.


Your E2 is fine right where it is.

Next time you know your going to do blood work stop training for the week. If enzymes drop that’s a good thing.