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HCG Monotherapy 3 Weeks so Far

Newbie here trying to learn as much as I can.

Had low energy and decreased sex drive for a couple of months. Chucked it up to being 39 yo and over worked.

Decided to see a urologist and got a few labs done. Since my wife and I are trying to conceive.

Total testosterone 333.6
Free testosterone 66.36
Estradiol 5.96
FSH 3.2
LH 21.5

With these numbers the NP said my testosterone is low for my age and she started HCG 500 three a week ( Monday, Wednesday, Friday) since fertility is a concern. Some of my symptoms got a lot better with that regiment.

I just repeated the labs on 7/7

Total testosterone 911
Free testosterone 192.2
Estradiol 56
FSH <0.7
LH <0.2

Haven’t a chance to follow up yet.

Should I decrease the dosing of HCG to 250 units Monday, Wednesday, and Friday?

Any suggestions? Should I just go on testosterone injections twice a week and add hcg at the end of the week?

Your FSH dropped alot. That can’t be good for conceiving. You will need to start FSH injections. Probably better off just starting test and adding hcg and fsh until pregnant

Why his FSH dropped, isnt this strange?

I’m not sure what’s going on either. I have an appointment with Dr. Rotman on Monday.

The only prescription med that I started between the two lab draws was Aimovig for my migraines.

Just a thought but could the increase in estradiol cause the negative feedback on the FSH?