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Hcg: Mixing, Timing, and Dosing

Hey there so I’m about 8 weeks into a 10 wk cycle of test, mast and tren. My question is i was advised to be taking hcg brand name pregnyl at 5000ui per week starting first Monday off cycle, should i start sooner or later? The hcg i have comes in 2 vials, 1 powder with a snap off top and 1 vial of sodium chloride to mix. Should I take all 5000ui in one day or spread out through the week? And how do I keep stored if using for multiple injection since both bottles are snap top?

I’m also taking clomid at 100mg a day first week off and 50 mg 2-3 week. Does this sound appropriate? I’m currently already taking 20mg a day of tamoxifen.

Take 500iu eod. More than that is not needed. Clomid should be no more than 50mg/day first two weeks and 25mg/day last two weeks. No need for tamoxifen and Clomid both. Pick one or the other.

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Just to add on the above recommendation, take your last shot of AAS, start the HCG for 3 weeks, then start your Clomid for 4-6 weeks

Store the HCG mixed in the fridge

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Thank you for the advice , can i store the mixed hcg in a syringe and switch to a new needle for each application?

Not a good idea. Multiple syringes or find a vial.

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Hey bro good morning, quick question for you, i was going to start the hcg and clomid today as the pct. However I do have enough juice for another week , do you think that would be a massive issue to cycle for 11 weeks ,1 additional instead of 10wks, and would i need to adjust my pct at all?

10-12 weeks is a normal length. No issues. Don’t forget to let your drugs clear before starting the SERM. So last pin… start HCG and run for three weeks. Stop HCG, then start Clomid for four weeks.


Thank you for the solid info, one other thing is 500 iu eod seems allot for subcutaneous, is it advised to IM instead for the 500iu?

It can be a really low volume depending on how you mix it of course. It’s really ok sub q