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HCG Mixing Question

My HCG is coming with an amp of Isotonic Sodium chloride to mix it with. My question is can I take the mixed solution and mix with Bacteriostatic water? Or should I just mix the HCG powder with bacteriostatic water? I’ll be using 250iu E3D and the HCG is 1500iu so I won’t use the whole amp at one time. Thanks for your input

Mix ALL of the white HCG powder with the BAC WATER then freeze/refridgerate the loaded slin pins that you will
not use within a month.

My formula for working out HCG/BAC water ratio for mixing is:

-Divide HCG amount by desired HCG amount per pin. 1500/250 = 6
-That gives you a total number of pins you can get out of your HCG with 250iu in. (6)
-Then divide the amount of Bac water you want to use by number of pins. (Say 2ml for example) 2/6 = 0.3.

So, if you draw 6 pins to 3 units/30 on the slin pin then you will have 6 pins with 250iu in…

I normally buy 5000iu HCG amps and mix with 2ml bac water. This gives you 20 pins when drawn to 10 units on slin pin…

I suggest you buy more HCG as you only have 2 weeks worth!

Note: Do not use any solvent/sterile water HCG comes with as this is designed for single use. Buy Bac water.

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Thanks. I do have more, i just ordered in 1500iu

So simply put, I can mix my 1500iu powder with 10cc of Bac water and I’m looking at 150iu per 1cc. Simple math is how it works right? Also, I can preload my insulin needles and keep them in the fridge?

Mix it with 1ml not 10!

And yes, keep pre loaded pins in fridge unless you wont use some within a month, then freeze.

Now I’m confused. If i mix 1500iu powder in 1ml of bac water, can I then add that 1ml to 9ml? If I have all 1500iu in just 1ml, what amount would I use to get 250iu injection?

Well 1/6 = 0.16.

So just load 6 pins to 10.6 units = 6 pins with 250iu in.

HCG pins are so small you dont want to be shooting 1ml + into your belly fat lol… You want to fill the slin pins with as least as possible… As I said I use 2ml per 5000 HCG! You are contemplating using 10ml for 1500!

Thanks Andy. It makes sense. Figuring out the conversion rate was throwing me off.