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HCG Mixing Question (Choriomon 5000 IU)

Hi everyone,

It is almost time to start my TRT. Last couple of questions and sorting stuff. I have bought HCG from the pharmacy here in Bulgaria. (Choriomon brand - 5000IU). It comes with NaCl 2ml but I won’t be using it and have bacteriostatic water instead. I was thinking of adding 5ml of bacteriostatic water to have 1000IU per ml but the vial is so small and not sure if it will hold 5ml of bac water(see image). Anyone has any experience with this brand of HCG? How much water did you manage to put in it? In the image the right vial is the HCG, the middle one is an empty 10ml vial and on the left is the bacteriostatic water. 10x in advance.

You can always add a ml or 2 and see how full it is. Transfer it to the 10ml vial if needed or just calculate the concentration correctly off of 2ml per 5000 IU’s and go with it.

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Agree here, 2ml is a good dosage to mix.

Thanks a lot guys. Really sorry for the newbish questions but I am pretty new to this stuff and still learning. :slight_smile:

Looking at my Defy prescribed HCG from Hallandale it says. 5000IU mix w/5ML. Inject 300IU subQ three times a week.
I like this mix because you don’t have to do any math. If you want 200IU you draw .20ML 300IU .30ml very easy very simple.

EDIT: I am pretty sure that small vial will only hold 4ml of bac stat water. I use a lot of peptides that come in those small bottles.

I would mix and transfer to the larger bottle.

Bro, I also live in Bulgaria. PM me some facebook or whatever contact or post here :slight_smile:
Will be happy to exchange some info

Not sure how to PM you. When I click on your account there is no message button. Should I have any number of posts before I can PM members? Sorry, new to the forum :frowning:

This forum doesn’t allow private messages. Make sure that your email address is listed in your profile and you can communicate with other members that way outside of the forum.

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Just set up 2 way authentication on your email and they can’t hack it :slight_smile: