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HCG Mixing/Needle Help

Ok so I just got my first script of hcg filled and the Pharmacist has me confused. Admittedly, it’s an easy feat.

First, the mixing… I have 10000iu. 10ml of the water and the dry powder. I asked for a mixing needle and he just picked up one he wants me to inject with. They are 25g 3ml 1". I take it need withdraw 3ml of water and inject in powder three times and once more with 1 ml?

Second, I told him I use insulin needles for test cyp in my shoulder. He said I shouldn’t do that? I said I was going to use them for the hcg in my stomach and asked if .5ml is equal to the 500hcg dose prescribed?

He says (and it also happens to say in the pregnyl info sheet) that I inject hcg IM not subq. Said I should go in the shoulder with .5 with needles he gave me. 25g 1" 3ml.

I was going to use .5ml of the 29g 1/2" 1ml insulin needles and go in the stomach.

Have I got the mixing right and which method is correct for injecting? Help and thanks.

And yet another question… when injecting the water into the powder, do I put the same amount of air in to the powder first, like I do before I withdraw test cyp or do not inject air first, and inject the water and then withdraw the equal amount of air from the mixed solution?

So do 10mL for 10000iu of powder to make the math easy. .5mL = 500iu. Use an insulin needle into the fat.

As for your pharmacist, he sounds old-school ‘whatever the package says’ kinda guy.

No need to fill the powder vial with air beforehand. Just try to be gentle when putting the BAC water in, don’t blast it.


Most people inject HCG subcutaneously, I use a 1/2" 30g needle in my belly but obviously don’t go in all the way, just into the fat. I doubt it would make any difference if you used your shoulder though. I have seen sheets from HCG manufacturers that say to use it via IM, but most people I know inject it subQ

Yes, 0.5ml is 500 IU’s of HCG, assuming you mixed 10ml of liquid w/10,000 IU’s of HCG originally.

Thanks @swoops39 @ncsugrad2002

After I mix it keep it in the fridge… good for 2 months? I read somewhere let it sit for 15 minutes before a shot so it’s not as cold.

I’ll go with original plan of insulin needle… screw the 1" needle.

A 10ml mixing needle would have made that a lot easier. Wonder how much 1000iu of hcg a week would raise my T and when.

~0 and immediately.

Can I inject hcg in my shoulder with an insulin needle instead of stomach? Make any difference?

Inject it anywhere you’re comfortable. It’s water so it disperses very quickly.

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Add 10ml water to the 10,000iu powder. This means every 1ml = 1000iu. If you are using a 1ml/1cc insulin syringe (100 units) then every 10 units is 100iu, so 50 units/.5ml/.5cc is 500iu.

After mixing, take your 1cc/1ml syringe and add air to The HCG bottle. Do this about 3 times so the bottle is pressurized. Store the bottle in your fridge.

I take 40mg test and 100iu HCG MWF. I use the same 27 gauge .5” insulin needle . I draw my test and then I draw my HCG into the same syringe and inject into my quad. They mix up…looks like a bunch of bubbles because it’s water and oil mixing. I do this 3x per week. I like to have my testosterone syringes preloaded because they can sit at room temp. I wake up, grab a syringe, pull .1ml/10 units of HCG, inject in my leg and carry on with my day. I found this method to be most convenient.

I was on 60mg test cyp twice a week and it felt like too much. I was waking with morning wood though. Cut back to about 75mg total a week, maybe 3 weeks ago. My tt and e2 were way over range… and again, I didn’t feel that good.

Now, I feel better, but, no morning wood. Orgasns, erections no different. Added hcg once. I think I’m going to try and slowly get off testosterone and hope the 500iu twice a week of hcg helps me along.

I started testosterone in March and have never been able to recapture the first month or 2 benefits even with substantially higher levels. I have sides from oropecia and sure that comes in to play with how I react… but, I’m gonna begin throwing in the towel on test and switching to hcg only.

But, nice to know I can mix test and hcg in the same needle. Save me some pricks.

And you never will. Stop chasing that dragon, bud.

Best of luck to you. The next guy who tells me he’s been successful with HCG monotherapy will be the first. If you end up having to start all over again you should try to find a dose somewhere between around where you are now, since it seems to be working, sans morning erections which are not an indicator of anything useful.

So having the greatest benefits early is common and generally non-repeatable?

Yeah the urologist wasn’t a fan of hcg mono either. I better stick to his plan. Keep my test dose the same for 4 weeks after hcg, then try a lower dose.

Someone else with propecia sides is claiming to have recovered with hcg only on propeciahelp, but, who knows?

Generally, pharmacists know dick… Every bit of injection advice I’ve ever gotten from a pharmacist has been asinine.

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@gman12 how’s it going? Still 40/100 x 3 /wk? Orgasms and sensitivity still improving, staying ok, dropping?


Yes, I’m still on my 40mg test and 100iu HCG MWF protocol. This seems to work well for me. My last blood test before the HCG and 5 days post injection were TT 980 (240-950) and FT 35 (9-30) on the 40mg MWF protocol. I’m getting labs done this week to see if anything changed since adding the HCG.

Orgasam and sensitivity both have stayed the same, definitely an improved when compared to no HCG. Sex drive wasn’t an issue previously, but it’s also gone up. the numbness I experienced previously during sex and orgasam have gone away. Sometimes it’s a bit to sensitive…also random boners and being to horny can get annoying some days.

(2 months on HCG)


That’s good to hear! I’m about a month on hcg and hoping things improve like you. Although I’m screwing around with my test dose.

Curious to see how the labs compare.