This is my first time posting in forum and looking for a soloution.

My cycle:

Test E 500 mg/week - 12 weeks cycle

Provironum 50 mg/week - 12 weeks cycle

Armidex .25 mg e3d 12 weeks cycle

I would like to add HCG on my 3rd week coming Monday.

I have 1 amp of 5000iu powder form
And 1 ml of Sodium Chloride that came with the HCG this is pharmaceutical grade.

I want to know how can i mix this 1 ml of Sodium Chloride to get 1000iu of hcg for my weekly shots.

I have insulin needles with me.

please help

don’t use the sodium chloride, it doesn’t stay good for long. Get some bacteriostatic water instead.

Then just dilute it as you see fit. If you put 5ml in the vial, then obviously 1ml = 1000iu, so .5ml = 500 and so on