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HCG Minimum Dose to Prevent Atrophy?

I’ve been trying to get to the lowest dose of HGC so I can keep my nuts from shrinking. I also have a slight concern with elevated E2. Recently I switched to Testosterone Cream compounded 200MG/ML/ 20% .25ML x 2 daily and I like it better than the injections. I would like to know your opinions about what is the lowest effective dose of HCG .daily.


It is very relative. I do 100ui daily but some people say 250ui twice weekly can do

I do 250iu twice weekly and have for 4 years. No shrinkage at all.

Thank you for the help! Do you think small continued dosing is more effective or a 250IU shock so to speak?

Thank you for the help! It seems there are two camps on this subject 100IU daily or 250 x2 weekly. Have you ever been concerned about a E2 spike at 250IU x weekly?


Fortunately, I haven’t had any high E2 issues during my trt journey. 250iu is not a large dose, so I’m not concerned at all. The only way you’re going to know is to try it.

I’ve been on trt for 6+ years, and my nuts haven’t shrunk. And I’ve never taken HCG.
So, the lowest dose of HCG is zero.

Of course, your results may vary.

For me yes, but Im super sensitive to fluctuations.
Many people here do well on 250 twice weekly

Decide what works best for you. Provided you are on a daily cream you may do better with every day HCG

Thank you response about the 250IU “probably” not kicking up E2.


I use 375 IU M-W-F, in addition to 60mg TC X 2 weekly. It also raised my TT.

Thanks, do you find that 375 M W F increases your E2? If not are you a fairly trim guy, because I’m about 12 pounds overweight and 63 and I think that has something with my bump in E2.

Thanks. Why do you think I would do better wit daily HCG at 100 IU since TC is also daily?

250IU two or three times weekly will do it.

Good for you! I’m betting your younger and trim, yes no? Either way good for you.

What do you guys think is max daily dose of HGC if your 12 pounds over weight and mid 60’s?

For what goal?

All the benefits of HGC. Libido, good nuts etc.

It’s probably wise to stay on the cream for a while before introducing HCG so if you aren’t feeling amazing you’ll know what’s causing it.


My E2 is a little high 49 range up to 35, but no issues at all. You can chase perfect ranges forever, are they perfect for you or some of the hundreds in the test group, who knows? 375 keeps the boys active, maybe too much. 250 might be fine but why change what works for me. BTW, I’m new tot his and one year in so I’m not the expert.

HCG half life is short - 12-36 hours. When doing even every other day I could feel fluctuations that sucked.

Do not look for the highest but for the minimum dose that should do the job. HCG raises e2 a lot and also can make you feel tired if you overdose. Start with 100 ui daily or 250 twice weekly. Expect initially to feel tired and a bit crappy until your body adjusts and see if this will be enough for your testicles. After you give it 3-4 weeks if the effect is not enough you can consider increase