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HCG Midcycle???

Ok I am doing a not so intense cycle of Test prop (100 mg/ed) and methyltest (40mg/ed). I know that methyltest isnt great but its legal (and cheap!!!) where I am living as is the Test Prop. I am allso using Clomid 100mg/ed.

I can get my hands on HCG for very cheap, it is allso legal here, I was wondering if it is advantageous to use HCG midcycle to get my testes running again? If so how much would be appropriate. Iam planning on using HCG for my PCT.

why are you running clomid while on cycle id save that for pct and use the hcg every sat/sun just to keep the boys in check i dont think you can ever go wrong with hcg so if its available use it but save the clomid pct

Im using the Clomid as an anti-estrogen.