HCG Micro Dose

First time poster but long time reader. I just went on TRT. The physician gave me a HCG micro dose. I am reading it and scratching my head.

Here’s my full Rx:

140mg / week Test Cyp
1mg / week Adex
26 ML / units a week HCG

The HCG vial is 25,000 IU and is a 5 month supply. The syringes are insulin size, 30 ML

I see guys dosing 500-1000 HCG, what am I missing?

Thinking of stopping the Adex for time being after reading through various posts.

I can post my labcorp if you guys want.

Probably not needed; don’t use unless getting High Estrogen symptoms.

? This has to be a typo or something.

Nothing. HPTA restart protocol (for fertility) is typically 1500iu/wk, split 3 times but can be up to 3000iu/wk on same dosing schedule. Smaller doses intended to reverse/prevent atrophy can be 500-750iu/wk, split 3 times.

I’d reach out to your physician to get clarification on what they want for HCG dosing, it should align similarly to what’s written above.

Thanks. Yes, that was a typo… it’s .13 ml (13 units) HCG, twice per week - per instruction on bottle.

Also, my E2 was 39.6 pg

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Still havent clarified. What is the concentration of your reconstituted hCG in IU/ml?

Typical is 10,000 IU/ml. You mentioned 25k IU. So 25,000 IU per how many ml of solution?

Units, units, units.


This is a volume (ml). Clarify your concentration so that we may than understand the amount of hCG in IU you are taking per week.

My bad. This is exactly why I asked. 25,000 IU in 6 ml

Let me see then if I can figure this out - 25k / 6 =4166.67…. 4166/ 13 units= 540/dose…?

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25,000 IU / 6 ml = 4166.6666… IU/ml

~4167 IU / ml × 0. 13 ml / injection = 540 IU /injection

Ignore the units on the syringe…that is for insulin. Work in volume on the syringe.

Also somehow you got the answer but the last math operation you show is not consistent with the answer you gave. That is… the units dont balance on the calcs you provided.

Thank you. Also I got an email from them, it’s 500x2



That would be 500 / 4167 = 0.12 ml