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HCG Method of Delivery


I have a question, I have taken HCG I.M. in the past but heard that you can take it sub-q. Does anyone know the correct method for sub-q of HCG. Like how often and how much. I have 2 vials of 5,000iu's.


HCG is normally taken sub-q. Just use a 29G 5/8 inch needle and you should be cool.



no, it's i.m. - just look at the pregnyl insert or go to any decent fertility site. 26g 1.5"


This is the problem with being dyslexic. I was refering to [i]HGH[/i] and not [i]HCG[/i]. Human chorionic gonadotropin should be taken IM and not Sub-Q. It is HGH which is administered sub-q with an insulin needle. My apologies Goodone for the erroneous (if well intentioned) informtion, and thanks for picking up on my mistake TLS.