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HCG Measurements/IU/Units

I was prescribed “40” units of HCG weekly. I have been splitting these into two “20” unit injections weekly.

I use .5ml 31 gauge insulin syringes. I load “20 units” into the syringe. Can someone help me determine how many IU’s this is?

does 10 units on the syringe equal 100iu?

The vial is labeled 6000iu


Depends on the concentration. Did you add liquid to the 6000iu container or did it come with it already in there?

Typically its 1000iu’s per ml

Meaning 20 units is 200 IU’s

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My physician mixes bacteriostatic water into the vial prior to giving it to me.

Then you’ll have to ask how much water was added unless it says somewhere. Typically you’d add 6ml to 6000 IU’s but there’s no reason it has to be that amount. That just makes the math easier.

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She adds 6ml bacteriostatic water.

So me injecting 20 units equals 200iu?



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