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HCG Left Out at Room Temperature


After i reconstituted my HCG in BAC water, i absentmindedly left it on my table. It sat there at room temperature for 3 days. Is the hcg still good to inject?

What effects would leaving it out at room temp have? Bacterial growth? Degradation? In case its just degradation, should i consider upping the dose (1.5-2x the dosqge perhaps)? I planned on takinh 250iu E3D before this fuckery occured.


Would it be a bad idea to just try injecting the hcg at 250iu and discontinue use if there are bad effects or adjusting the dosage upwards if the intended effects arent enough?


I've used room temp HCG many times with NO problems. Although room temp has never been really warm.

However NEVER use room temp peptides; I shot up room temp HGH and GHRP-6 (on separate occasions) and got awful fucking spots on my face that took literally 3 months to go down then another 3 to clear completely. These MUST be refrigerated.


That's a relief. Also, thank you for sharing your experience w the room temp peptides. I live in a tropical country and the temp this season usually hovers around 28-30*C. I hope that's not too warm.
Anyway, i took my 2nd 250iu shot yesterday of the room temp hcg and i havent experienced any negative sides yet.

Nuts are still hanging fine, so i guess it's still working? I have since refrigerated my hcg and plan to keep it refrigerated for the rest of the time i habe it. If anyone is interested, id be happy to report any developments to this.


I sure am!


Just an update. I just had my 3rd HCG shot today. So far, there haven't been any infections and balls are hanging loose so I guess my HCG is still fine. I'll post an update if anything unexpected happens.


The leaflet with my human grade HCG states that you can keep the HCG for about 6 days. It does not say anything about the fridge.

I've read many accounts that you can keep it over a month in the fridge when mixed with NaCl water.

I think it degrades faster at room temperature.