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HCG Later?


Hey guys, a quick question regarding Hcg use. My new doc put me on hcg, and lowered my test cyp shot to 80mg. He gave me some "natural" anti-estrogen blocker(I actually bought it from him). It's Estro-DIM, resveratrol, Gyne-andro-plex, and some other liver support like milk thistle.

It has been 2 weeks since I started his protocol, and I feel like absolute dog shit! I did a saliva hormone test that has not come back yet. Before switching to this Doctor, my previous Doc had me on 200mg a week of test cyp for almost a year without an AI until this past May when he finally checked my estrogen at my request.

He messed up that and it was just a normal estrogen panel, but it came back at 325! I have felt horrible the entire time I've been on TRT(read my post "a journey through hell").

My question now is, was it a mistake for this new doc to put me on hcg without knowing my E2 levels, or any other levels at this time? He's an anti-aging Doc, and he prefers saliva hormone testing, but I plan to ask for a E2 blood test when I go back. I think I have all the symptoms of high E2(low libido, irritable, very low mood, anxious, lethargic, you name it I got it) and I think the hcg is making it worse.

I had some letro from my other doc, so I started taking last week. I just read that AI's are ineffective against E2 produced in the testes. I hope I said that right. I know you guys like to see labs first, but like I said my first doc didnt even check my E2. My last Test level was 959, with the total estrogen at 325.


By not using your old thread, this is disconnected from whatever data was there. So there is not much that I can contribute. You have not even provided hCG dosing info.


Sorry for the lack of info. I'm using an insulin syringe and filling it to the "1" as directed by my doc. He wanted me to use this 3 times per week, but i thought i would try Christlers protocol. I don't know what the iu value is at that mark. Along with the hcg I am doing 80mg of test cyp per week with 1 shot. I started seeing this doc on 6-10-13, and on 6-11-13 I did my saliva hormone test. I also did bw on 6-11.

This is what I have done so far:
6-12 hcg
6-13 hcg
6-14 80mg test cyp

Plus I was taking all of the natural anti E stuff I got from him. These include I3C, Estro-dim, gyne-andro-plex, milk thistle, and a couple of others that I'll have to look at when I get home.

6-19 hcg
6-20 hcg
6-22 test shot 80mg(missed Friday for some reason)

On 6-18 I was starting to feel more emotional than I already was, and my wife suggested I start takin letro again. I took 1.25 mg letro on 6-19, and again on 6-22, and again this morning. I was taking the letro prior to this new docs protocol, but he wanted me to stop using it.

I was cutting the letro into 4 pieces, and taking a total of 1.25 mg a week prior to stopping.
I was still not feeling great, but after almost 1 year on 200mg test cyp a week with no AI, and no hcg, I'm sure I had estrogen poisoning, and full HPTA shut down.