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HCG Knocking Out My Erection. Why?

I have a question regarding HCG that has puzzled me for a while, maybe you can help. I take 50mg E3D of T Cyp and 250IU HCG EOD. Recently I got my blood work back and all was well.
TT 1120, FT 23 E2 29.
Here’s the challenge when I inject 250IU HCG my dick goes soft, within 2 minutes. At first when this happened, I thought I got soft because of rising T triggered an E2 increase so I added just a touch of anastrozole .0010mg, less than an 1/8 of a mg and I got even softer like I tanked my E2. Please tell me what I’m not understanding.

Thank you

In two minutes. Your body probably hast absorbed any thing. Do you have anxiety about injections and you just need a minute to recover. Any why are you trying to get wood 2 minutes after an injection.

I’m mostly trying to learn how HCG works. My understand is that HCG will increase T which can also increase E2 as a result. If that is the case adding anastrozole should put things back in balance, but, in my case it’s not.

If your penis doesn’t go soft when injecting testosterone and it does after injecting HCG, then lower your dosage or don’t inject HCG anymore.

Maybe you’re just sensitive to HCG.

OK but if that was the case I should be able to balance with anastrozole.

There are other factor than just estrogen, overstimulation of the LH receptors. Now when I take anastrozole, erections go soft almost immediately because I’m an AI over-responder.

I prefer if possible be on no drugs and keep things simple, increasing injection frequencies is my preferred route because suppressing the natural aromatase process doesn’t do anything good for you.

Sure some guys will need anastrozole, most guys do not and prefer to inject infrequently for convenience and that within their right to do so.

If fertility is important and looking to have kids, then add HCG and if struggling to increase sperm production add FSH to your protocol when attempting to have a child.

I appreciate your response.