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HCG Killing Libido on TRT - Why?

Been on TRT for 1 year 150mg weekly I inject 25mg test cyp daily because I have low shbg so I inject more frequently. I recently lowered my dose to 70mg a week to try n lower my high hematocrit. I also started injecting hcg at 100iu ed to bring the boys back and to hopefully increase fertility. Everytime I use hcg libido disappears no idea why. It also raises progesterone dramatically for me. And I was reading somewhere that high progesterone act as a 5α-RIs and can cause post finistride syndrome not sure how true this is but I read it somewhere. Is it normal for my libido and erections to completely disappear while on hcg all I read is how guys love it and it makes there libido so great. Any advice would be great, thanks guys.

We do see some guys who are wired to react differently to hCG.
Have you posted related lab work somewhere?

This post is disconnected from information in your other post and you should avoid splitting your case.

Before hcg my total T was 954
Free t was WAY above normal range.
Shbg 14
Dht was 76
Estradiol was 69

I lowered my dose to 10mg daily and taking 50-100iu daily of hcg.

I have arimidex and plan on using it but what I’ve heard is that arimidex has no effect of the increase of estrogen hcg causes is this true? I’m afraid I’ll start dosing the arimidex and have low e2 on labs but symptoms of high e2 from the hcg

Also if hcg doesn’t work out for me is there anything else I can use to boost fertility and combat atrophy? I tried clomid while on TRT and had horrible side even at 12.5 my eod. Should I give low dose nolvadex a try?

E2=69 pg/ml or pmol/L

Sorry it’s pg/ml

E2=69pg/ml is typically ranged as <43 or <39
That is horrible.

yes, try Nolvadex 1/2 tab EOD [10mg], later test LH/FSH to see results. hCG works fine almost always. If doses of hCG or SERMs are high, high resulting E2 is predicable. That is not a drug problem most of the time, but a dosing problem.

Arimidex cannot work inside the testes, I will spare you the details. If hCG or SERM dose is correct high T–>E2 inside the testes is relatively rare.

My doctor didn’t think my e2 was a issue at all even with a shbg of 14 I know if I have low shbg I have a lot more free estrogen as well so my e2 needs to be a lot lower.

I’ll stick with hcg for a few more weeks. How should I dose it for the least e2 side possible? Everyday low dose of the common 250iu 2x weekly? I don’t mind the ed injecting because I already pin the test ed.

you need a lower dose

SHBG+T is not bio-available as tightly bound

SHBG+E2 is bio-available and not tightly bound
So SHBG is considered a transport

Given the above, your thinking that fE2 is the only criteria may be flawed. But I do not pretend to know the mechanics of what is involved with low SHBG guys struggling to get balanced.

Your doctor is the problem. What does he need to see:
fat gain
short tempered
low enegy
lost libido

All of the above can occur, even with string TT and FT numbers.

I believe my shbg is low because I may have insulin resistance. My insulin came back slightly high on labs a couple weeks ago but the weird thing is I actually have low sugar. I do have adrenal issues and take 20-25 mg cortef daily I’m wondering maybe it’s the cortef causing these issues ?

I also lowered my hcg dose to 50iu ed I’m not sure if I’ll even get the benefits of hcg at this dose but I guess it’s worth a shot. Just seems like right when I start the hcg literally after the first shot my libido is gone and I suffer ed. sucks because so many guys love hcg and say how benificial it is to there protocol but seems as soon as I pin it everything goes to shit. I wonder if low dose nolva will increase tesicical size and ejaculate volume like hcg would? Have any guys done this with success ? Just don’t want to take it if it’s not going to do much. Thanks for the replies.

Any more secrets? Please see the advice for new guys sticky to see what info is needed.

In males, progesterone is from pregnenolone–>progesterone in the adrenals and this is not part of a control loop.

What is your current AM cortisol?
Low cortisol can be from adrenal fatigue [AF] cause by stress and major stress evens, see the stickies. AF can typically lead to elevated rT3 that interferes with fT3 at T3 receptors, leading to low body temperatures, even when fT3 is good.

What are DHEA-S levels? - another adrenal hormone [DHEA]?

So we have now split your case.

A.M cortisol is low been as low as 6.3 and and high as 12.2.

DHEA is low as well 130 range 80-560

Tsh is all over the place, as high as 5.6 and recent was 1.4.

Iodine was low but finally got it in range but very low normal trying to get as much iodine I can from salt.

Aldosterone is also low i was on florinef but doc took me off because he simply doesn’t believe in it.

So hard to find a good doc they all have so many different opinions. I’m willing to travel to see a good doc. I’m willing to travel if you have any recommendations.

Travel to a doc? From where? Others may have suggestions.

Finding a TRT doc sticky?

Are you aware of Wilson’s book "adrenal fatigue?

Yes I read everything he wrote very smart man. To bad doctors can read his stuff and help there patients.

And yes I’m from Michigan and willing to travel anywhere I travel to Florida to see my current doctor that’s treating my low t and adrenals and he knows what he’s doing to a certain extant. I just need a doctor that knows TRT but also other hormones I’m struggling with. Thanks a lot I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to reply to me.


Hi thanks for the link. Have you seen this doctor?


Ok so I been on hcg for about 2 months now. Started at 50iu daily then 100, 150 and now at 200iu daily and no change in teste size or ejaculation volume. I’m wondering if the hcg I’m getting from compounded pharmacy is any good? 200iu daily is landing me at 1400iu a week which should definitely reverse atrophy. Unless I need more? Not sure

If hCG shipped wet - could be damaged.

If it is good, you can use a home pregnancy test and should be positive. Your wife/GF may be amused.