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HCG Kept at Room Temperature


I forgot to put back to fridge my HCG bottle, is there any problems to keep it at room temperature for 2 days?

You picked a time point that I would guess to be somewhat in a gray area.

As a very rough rule of thumb, each 10 degrees C results in doubling of rates of chemical reacions. ROughyly speaking then 2 days at room temperature, if that is 72 degrees, might be like 8 days in the refrigerator.

If that is correct (and it may not be as that is a very rough rule) then if otherwise the HCG was pretty new, that would not be a problem.

Another illustration is that insulin does remain good for longer than that at room temperature. But insulin may (I don’t know) be more stable than HCG.

I don’t know of specific information on HCG. For the above reasons, while it’s longer than I’d like and feel completely comfortable with, for technical reasons it seems likely to be okay.