HCG is Already Mixed, Only Contains 1cc

I got a hcg that is already mixed and only contains 1cc in total of liquid I was told to do 10iu 2x a week. any one have any experience with the already mixed hcg?

My guess is it’s meant for 1 time use. What’s the liquid? If it’s BAC water it’ll last longer

Edit: also not sure 10-50iu is going to be enough weekly

I’m not too keen on dosages as I’ve only done hcg once before and it was the kind that you mix with the baterial water.

Do you know how much actual HCG is in the vial? Because 1cc is meaningless in this context without knowing what that 1cc was mixed with. Also, if it’s in sterile water (it should say on the label) then it’s not lasting multiple weeks. Hell, it’s not lasting multiple days. Double check before doing anything. Did this come from an actual pharmacy or…?

I got it from my juice guy I’m not sure where he got it from exactly it says each ml contains: chorionic gonadotrophin highly purified I.h 10000 iu water for injection i.p… q.s
Excipients and stabilizers:
Disodium hydrogen phosphate
Dihydratw b.p. Benzyl alcohol I.p sucrose I.p
Poloxamer 188u.s.p/no, menthionine b.p
Phosphoric acid I.P

Ok, so based on that you’re taking 1,000iu twice a week, which is probably overkill. It’s unusual for it to come mixed, but I know some brands sell that. Unsure why, but then there’s a lot that doesn’t make sense in this world.

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I wouldn’t trust or mixed hcg it is very unstable unless refrigerated. If he mixed it for you and you bought it quickly from that time, it it was could when you bought it, thenit is probably okay. I would do about 500-1000 iu on cycle per week.