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HCG Instructions

Given one vial of HCG powder (1500 iu), and one vial of HCG solvent that are both in separate “bowling pin” vials (thus is broken once with no strage capability), I have two questions:

  1. How in the fuck do I measure 250 iu’s? I mean, 1500 iu’s look to be about 1 cc in volume. We are talking microscopic amounts here (well, almost).

  2. How do I keep the stuff sterile? I won’t be shooting 1500 iu’s at once, probably go with Drago1s recommendation of 500 iu per week (if I understood his dosage correctly). So, I must keep this stuff sterile. Thanks.

  1. Use an insulin syringe. It’s 1 cc and is marked up to 100 iu when “full”.

250IUs HCG is 17 IUs on the syringe.
250/1500 x 100= 16.7

  1. When I used the stuff I injected EOD. I kept it in the fridge using the same syringe. If you can’t change needle, be very careful cleaning it before AND after use to avoid infections. Or you can transfer it to a new syringe, pull out the plunger and fill from “the back”.

It should be 1cc of solution when drawn up. If you don’t have a multidose container to put it in, then use a syringe and just continue rear loading insulin pins with the syringe
As far as calculating your dose, this is how you do it:

Cross multiply

1500 i.u. 250 i.u.
--------- X -----------
1cc x

1500x = 250



x = 6

100u (insulin syringe)


=16.7 U or 0.16 of a ml

Its hard to be exact if you are not using an insulin pin

Draw .16 CC into 5 insulin syringes and the rest in the 6th. It never works out that you get the whole CC. Put the covers back on 5 syringes and put them in the fridge and shoot the last one. Use the rest as you need them.