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HCG Instead of Test


Has anyone used HCG instead of test during a cycle to maintain average test levels? What would the replacement dose be?

I was thinking of running something like this:

100iu HCG ED
50mg tren ace ED

2 weeks on, 2 weeks off

I understand using test P would be the normal thing to do, I am just wondering if anyone thought this would not work, and if so, why?

HCG with Tren, No Test

This should work. However, with no test your total dose of androgens is quite low per week as I don’t think using hCG will really add to the anabolic effect. Your dose of hCG seems to be on par, typically I see 250iu eod.

If doing this I would use a minimum of 75, most likely 100mg per day of Tren A.

I’d like to see more 2 on 2 off logs and reports around here so let us know how it works for you.


Actually this is the way I’ve been running TA lately. Works fine. I stop the HCG at about day 10.

There is nothing wrong with running the TA at 75 or 100 mg/day either for most. Some may find they prefer the lower dose (50 mg/day) on account of night sweats at the higher dose or some other reason, such as cost.


So do you think 100ius per day is the correct HCG dose for normal test levels?

Would you consider this to be the correct protocol then:

HCG 100ius days 1 - 10 (off 11 - 28)
Tren Ace 50mg days 1 - 11 (off 12 - 28)


It is a correct dose. It will certainly be sufficient to provide the needed estrogen and should keep T levels midnormal or better. However 200 or 250 IU per day is also acceptable. Probably not a big difference in results, but those doses aren’t unreasonable. There’s a study showing there is likely little difference between dosing commensurate with 125 IU/day and 250 IU/day though (actually they did 250 IU every other day vs 500 EOD but that shouldn’t change the comparison.)