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HCG Info?

Hey folks-Can anyone give a noobie some advice on hcg-how it is used for test enhancing, how much to use, is it a prescription item and any other info on it would be greatly appreciated. Thanx

Google "hcg wiki’ and read whats on wikipedia.

You need to do your own research as now you only see the tip of the iceberg.

If you use hCG to increase your T, that will reduce you LH production that makes your testes work. If you put a candle near your thermostat, the candle will not warm the room, but will make is colder by turning off the furnace.

If your testes were functional and you had low or no LH production as a result of damage to you pituitary gland [where LH comes from], then you could use hCG to restore your testes to a normal level of activity. In that case, 250iu hCG SC EOD works very well.

hCG is used, as above, to keep the testes functioning when LH is turned off by TRT [HPTA shutdown]. This is done for reasons other than T production.

LARGE doses of hCG will backfire by down regulating your LH receptors, perhaps permanently harming you. You will find many references about large doses of hCG, ignore those. Some are also within a medical context. Huge doses to try to get a sperm count for an infertile male, which may damage the testes… not really what one needs to increase sperm production. The guys who blew up the Chernobyl reactor thought that they were doing the right thing at the time, but were blinded to the larger picture. If you find an old operational manual for Russian nuclear reactors, don’t use them either.

If is a prescription drug and is explicitly a controlled substance in the same class as anabolic steroids. If you get hCG illegally, then legally you are doing gear.

I hope that you are starting to see issues.

Here is some light reading:

Save a copy, print and read. Most of that paper is understandable by many [not most] here.

You will not find everything that you need to know from one source. Understanding comes with time and study. It is something that you build yourself.

Short answer: No one intelligently tries to use hCG to increase above normal T levels. Anyone who tries to do that is dangerous to himself and others.

Many thanks for your info KSman.