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HCG Induced E2 Spike?

Does anybody know how quickly e2 increases after a HCG injection?
My last labs were done about ten hours after injecting 250iu and I was above normal for e2.
I have also noticed if I take a little more than 250iu I feel even worse. What is the effective minimum dosage, is it better to take 2x per week or smaller dosages eod?

250iu hCG SC EOD is a replacement for youthful LH levels.

Too much hCG can drive high T–>E2 inside the testes for many.

But we do see a few guys who cannot take 250iu EOD and they simply need to take less and experiment to see what works for them.

When on TRT, hCG dose is whatever it takes to maintain the testes, less that 250iu EOD may accomplish that.

hCG gets into circulation quite fast. Fast if IM vs SC. The testes will respond quite fast and then its a battle between production and clearance.