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HCG Indirectly or Directly Suppresive?

Hello everyone, I am inquiring about the effects to HCG on the hypothalamus. This is due to many anti aging clinics offering HCG diets to lose fat and increase energy. To my understanding it is suppressive and will cause a decrease in testosterone production. Is this due to an indirect affect on LH and FSH levels due to an initial increase in testosterone and estrogen causing a negative feedback loop. Or is it more similar to an direct effect on the production of LH/FSH like exogenous hormones. Also to what degree is it suppressive, to my current knowledge it does not completely supress LH/FSH only hinders it?. Thanks

It is more the latter in the way HCG acts on the Hypothalamus. HCG mimics LH and this sends a signal to your brain to suppress endogenous LH production. This is why bodybuilders use HCG on cycle to mimic LH, since they are no longer producing it themselves.

The HCG diet is foolish; it only works because you are restricted to a very low calorie diet.

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Yeah HCG diet does seem sort of a money grab. But is the HCG itself as the hormone suppressive or is it the actions of HCG cause suppression. I understand it mimics LH, but LH in itself isn’t suppressive. Can our body recognize that exogenous hormone like HCG. I couldn’t find any articles pinpointing the reason of why hypothalamus receives inhibitory response.

HCG stimulates LH production causing increase in body producing T. Estrogen is produced during aromatization of T and just as in a normal functioning HPTA feedback loop, the excess Estrogen tells the body it has enough T and the natural production shuts down temporarily. So to answer your question it is the actions of HCG that causes the suppression, not the body recognizing HCG

Thanks okay, that answers my question. Though this intrigues a new question. Would then an AI help reduce/stop that as it would prevent excess aromatization?

It certainly helps reduce excess aromatization, but it does not completely prevent shutdown. If it did, no one would need PCT