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HCG Increases Pregnenolone?


Has anyone on here ever shown an increase in pregnenolone levels from taking HCG? Have you drawn labs before and after HCG use, and have the labs shown an increase in pregnenolone levels? My endo said the small HCG dosages like 500-1000iu’s a week are not enough to make the testicles work like they were before starting trt. He said there’s a big difference in using HCG in small amounts to prevent atrophy, and the much larger dosages used to increase fertility. I’d be interested if anyone has ever shown a marked increase in pregnenolone levels because of the addition of HCG to a trt protocol. Thanks.


Do not know. But TRT reduced my preg levels 10 years ago.

250iu hCG SC EOD is a LH replacement dose, so that is all that you can hope for. For older guys preg levels would not be youthful for obvious reasons.

If DHEA-S is OK, there must be decent amounts of preg on board to support preg–>DHEA.

Preg is created in all cells, in the mitochondria as cholesterol–>preg, so testes are not the only source. This gets to CoQ10 and other aspects of mitochondrial function which leads into the possible problems with statin drugs that some have the genetics for. Also note that fT3 regulates mitochondrial as part of body’s temperature control loop and rT3 can block fT3. So your thyroid health has an obvious lever on preg and energy levels.