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HCG In SoCal? What Pharmacy?

Got a Script sent into Walgreens. They said it has to go to a special pharm. called them said it it will take a while and might need a super special pharm or something like that. Anyone got hcg from any normal pharm around SoCal? My ins won’t pay for it so it’s going to be cash. The app GoodRx has prices for every pharm but not specialty’s. Any reg pharm stock it or can order it? Walgreens said they cAn transfer it if I find one It’s Been 2 months with script no hcg yet. We are trying to have another kid and not getting any younger. Thanks all

It doesn’t sound like local pharmacies are going to be a good long term option for HCG, there’s always compounding pharmacies like Empower.

Thank you. do you know if most compounding pharms have this? And any chance for price on 10000iu 10 ml. bottle? The prices are wildly different

I buy from Empower(TX) thru Defy(FL).
HCG 12,000iu vial (lyophilized)