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HCG in a 1ml Syringe?

hello guys.could you please tell me how much is a 1000iu hcg on a 1ml syringe(100 units)?
how much hcg i need to take in syringe which have 100 units,total of 1ml.
please help

1iu = .01ml

This assumes that the HCG was mixed to be in such a concentration. If you have 5,000iu of powder and mix it in 1ml of water then you have 5iu per .01ml. So the short answer is nobody can tell you the answer without all the information necessary.

i have 5000iu of powder mixed with 1ml of solvent .

iron_yuppie has given you the answer.

If you mix the 5,000iu powder with the 1ml of water, then you have 1ml of liquid containing 5,000iu of HCG… How you divide that is dependant on how much you wish to take a week…

Then every unit (hash mark on an insulin syringe) is 5iu of HCG. Dose accordingly.