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HCG HRT Issues....Need Help


I am 43 yrs old, 195 lbs, pretty good shape, exercise 2-3 times p/week, on TRT for 2 yrs. and I am having issues with my HCG. My doctors "new" recommended profile is as follows; the doctors previous regimen (1.5 yrs) was testosterone only and my estrogen was 80 when checked last May. RBC count was very high also and I had to donate blood about eight times to bring my RBC count down to normal range. I donate every two months now.

I have read the sticky notes and have done some research on this site and other sites.

My new regimen as of June 2011:

120mg test twice per week. Doctor recommends 100mg twice per week. I do know that I should probably be only taking 100mg twice a week max but, I love the 120mg twice a week regimen and my wife likes the benefits of it too :slightly_smiling:

Arimidex .5mg twice per week one day after injections. Doctor recommended.

HCG 250iu every other day. Doctor recommended.

When I was on just test, I had great sex drive (diminished over time), strength, edgy at times, and my balls would ache too. So, after blood work and high estrogen levels he added on HCG and Arimidex. I received the Arimidex about two weeks before the HCG and after the first two weeks I "thought" I was an over responder to Arimidex so I quit that and then I was just on test and HCG which cured my aching balls but, I had facial pressure and headaches then after six weeks of HCG I ran out and could not afford it so I went back to just test for four months and tried out the arimidex for a week every month which resulted in lowered sex drive.

Eight weeks ago I got back on Arimidex from pharmacy and HCG that I got from ADC (used two different hcg vials same vial of bio-water) and have had serious sex drive issues and steady facial pressure and head aches, and a feeling that I was not even on any testosterone. With all this going on I quit the arimidex and HCG and was just on Test and after 10 days my sex drive was awesome again, no headaches or facial pressure, and a little edgy again....feeling awesome. So I decided to try to figure out if the issue is with the HCG or Arimidex and did 100iu of HCG yesterday afternoon right after my 120mg shot of test and when I woke up this morning I had no sex drive, no hardon, facial pressure and a slight headache.

When I got my first script of HCG in June, I got it from NW pharmacy in Canada and I remember having the same issues. Have I gotten bad batches of HCG from two different places or or does my body not like the HCG?

The HCG does put me in a better mood, and keeps my balls from aching but, at a cost.

Please help.


huh? This sentence does not make a bit of sense


Thanks for the heads up...I corrected the numbers.


Alright it does sound like your body doesn't like hcg or arimidex.

Since you are on hcg, I assume you determined whether you were primary or secondary hypogonadal, right? Which was it?

I have the same issues with arimidex and switched over to aromasin (you can get it from ADC) and feel tons better on this. Before I got the aromasin, I started taking my adex more infrequently (about once a week @ 0.5 mg) and this helped some but wasn't ideal. I can take the aromasin MWF at 12.5 mg per dose and this put my E2 at 23, which was great.

I really don't know what to tell you with the hcg. You got the same reaction from just 100 iu? I was going to recommend just lowering the dose and taking it more frequently, but that doesn't sound like an option for you. Maybe try out 50 iu and see if you get the same reaction? I've never seen anyone taking a dose this low, but it may be your only option.

So you are taking 240 mg/week of T total right? If you brought this down to a more reasonable number, you may not have any need for adex or hcg at all. 240 is a very high dose, especially for someone only at 195 pounds.


I am not sure if I am primary or secondary. I just know that when initially tested that my levels were low and while on supplemental testosterone I feel great. Do you think that 100mg twice per week would be acceptable?


What were your LH/FSH levels when you went on TRT? That will give you the indication of primary/secondary.

I can't answer if 100 mg 2x/week is acceptable, but it probably isnt. What are your T levels at 200 mg/week, or even at 240 mg/week?


I don't have that info as my doctor has it at his office. It does seem like my body does not like HCG or Adex supplementation.

I will drop my test down to 80 mg twice per week with no adex and no hcg. After I try out the 80 mg x2 regimen I will see if I need the aromasin or do you think I should just get the aromasin because of the history of elevated E?


I have no idea how high your E2 was...what was the value? You really need to post your bloodwork here for any meaningful discussions to occur...ask your doctor for it and repost here


My E2 level was at 80 and my test was at 1300 last April...everything else looked good besides my really high RBC count, all of those numbers were before any Adex or HCG. I will get my stats from the doc. I do think I will get aromasin to have on hand just in case my E2 levels creep up too high while on the test 80 mg x2.

I do appreciate all of your help.


120mg twice a week is higher than double what the "standard" procedure recomended for TRT on these forums is.


what about your TSH and cortisol levels? that much testosterone will typically strain your other systems. You really need to keep an eye on those values as well.

I too didn't seem to do so well on Arimidex or HCG, but may give Aromasin a try in the near future.