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HCG, HMG and Fertility

Hello everyone,

I’ve run 2 cycles in the past with the regular 4 week clomid / nolva pct before. I was using TRT for a couple of months but have come off since trying to get the wife pregnant.

I ran a PCT for the TRT but at a smaller ratio; Nolva 40mg and clomid 25mg before dropping the Nolva to 20mg after 2 weeks.

I did a sperm test and my volume and sperm morphology were low. So a bit of research and found some information directly related to getting someone pregnant whilst using AAS.


In short, 2000 IU HCG EOD with 150IU HMG EOD.

I dosed this while trying to conceive with the wife with nill success. Will continue this protocol but is there any other assistance someone knowledgeable can provide?

I will be going to a fertility specialist soon. I have no trouble conceiving before I used AAS.

How long on the HCG? Are your balls back to normal size?

Well i cycled the HCG during the conception period. My balls have been back to normal prior as I was using 500 iu x 2 week when I was on TRT

I guess what I’m saying is it can take several months @ as much as 10,000iu/week HCG to regain fertility depending on your history with PEDs.