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HCG Half Life and Reaction Time?


The reason I am asking is that I am tweeking Dr Crisler's protocal. Not because I think I am smarter, but here is my reasoning, I take 1 shot of Test a week on MON, I know his protocal says take 1 250 iu SAT and another 250 iu SUN. To me this makes no sense. If the goal is to elevate Test back up,(as the half life of test 8 days and as one's body processes/ converts the elevated test), it would make more sense to do the Injections Friday and Saturday. Elevation would then occur Sat and Sun then as levels start to decrease have Test shot Monday. I have tried to look up how long HCG lasts and when does it become effective, I would assume almost imediately, but need more knowledgeable board members to either refute what I am trying by explaining why I should do SAT/ SUN vs my FRI/SAT. Thanks for the help.


Why don't you just inject your T twice a week and not have to worry about the minutia? His hcg protocol is only for those that inject once a week...this is not necessary for people who inject more often...


Because I get my T from a clinic and they will not inject more than 1x a week, probably an Insurance thing. I would like to see if I did better on 2x a week injections, but they have their own protocal. I do get my arimidex free there.


VTB- What's your reasoning behind that? What does number of shots per week have to do with whether hcg is needed or not. You're shutting your system down by adding exogenous test whether it's broken up into two shots or not. Don't you need hcg to keep the testes working?

I just realized you posted that in 2009. I hate revived threads.


I didn't mean to insinuate that hcg shouldn't be taken, just that with twice/thrice weekly shots, it becomes much less complicated. You don't have to guess when your T is falling off and when you might need a boost of hcg to restore it--just shoot your hcg when you shoot your test (2-3x/week).

The need for OP's complicated protocol is because once a week shot allow for a drop off in T levels towards the end of the week. The hcg in that protocol is not used for preserving testicular fullness as much as it is used to actually replace your falling T levels.

IMO, hcg should be used for maintaining fullness/function only. There is a reason you are on exogenous T. If one could maintain normal testicular output, including testosterone, by HCG alone, then there would be no need for the exogenous T. Shooting both at the same time 2-3x/week makes far more sense if your goal is to keep levels stable AND maintain your boys.

I joined in 2009....this thread was posted this week.


Talk to them about doing your own injections. No need to get raped on office visits when there is no need.



Was on the iphone this morning, thought it was an old thread. HCG timing got me thinking about AI timing. I started a new post. Looking forward to your thoughts on the matter.


I have asked and they don't provide prescribed test, my insurance pays and office visit is only $25 w/ test shot


Yup, which drives up the costs for everybody...